Meet Our Team

Our team brings years of experience orchestrating the many complex elements involved in an affordable housing development project.


Elizabeth Flannery

President and CEO

(612) 274-7815

Andrew Perry

President, Trellis Mgmt

(612) 215-6832

Housing Development Staff

Dan Walsh

Vice President, Housing Development

(612) 274-7817

Chris Maida

Vice President, Asset Management

(612) 274-7818

Justin Eilers

Vice President, Housing Development


Melinda Studer

Development Associate

(612) 274-7823

Betsy Michels

Development Associate

(612) 274-7816 Ext. 103

Property Management Leadership

Allison Olson

Director of Compliance

(612) 215-6817

Laurie Andersen

Director of Operations

(612) 215-6820

Maureen Wolfe

Human Resources Manager

(612) 215-6813

Famatta Dennis



Rudy Stanley


(612) 215-6822

Lisa Housewright

Senior Accounting Manager

(612) 215-6824

Melissa Toth

Accounting Manager

(612) 215-6826

Linda Greenwaldt

Yardi Manager

(612) 215-6818

Denise Norman

Senior Operations Administrator


Kristina Cruz

Training and Staff Development Manager

(612) 215-6841

Jeramy Kufahl

IT Coordinator


Board of Directors

Karen Reid


Executive Director, Neighborhood Development Alliance (NeDA)

Eden Spencer

Secretary/ Treasurer

Vice President, Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC)

Bob Odman

Former Assistant Commissioner, Minnesota Housing President

Jeff Washburne

Executive Director, City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Elizabeth Flannery


President, Trellis Co.

Monica Nilsson

Executive Director; Haven House