Rooted in Affordable Housing

Affordable housing doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us guide you through by simplifying what “affordable” means in property management and development.

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Whether you’re a municipality, social service organization, or private developer embarking on an affordable housing development project is a major commitment.

We’re all about your vision.

We believe that the most effective way to provide affordable housing for community members is to work with the entities that know them well. From beginning to end, our goal as your partner is to advance your vision. We are with you at every step to support and advise you, but the vision is always yours.

We’re flexible.

Every project and partnership is unique. You may want Trellis Co. to own and manage a property long term, or you may only need help through the development process. Our goal is to help you reach your housing goals, bringing value where it’s needed.

We stick to what we do well.

We’re a bit unusual as a nonprofit developer in that we are financial self-sustaining, which allows us to focus exclusively on developing and owning housing. One reason our partnerships work so well is that we complement, never compete with, organizations that raise revenue through community fundraising.

We offer seamless property management.

A strong housing portfolio depends on strong and integrated property management. Trellis Management has a 30-year history of effective management of affordable housing. Trellis Management ensure that properties owned by Trellis Co. remain strong community assets for decades.

Wendy W.

“Simpson Housing Services has worked with Trellis for well over ten years. As the on-site service provider at their Elliot Park property we have found Trellis to be a responsive and collaborative partner. Trellis is committed to providing safe and affordable housing to our community. As a service provider to families who have experienced homelessness we know that our partnership with Trellis has helped many families achieve housing stability.”

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